386° dia

A conferencia continua… hoje eh o ultimo dia. A partir de hoje no fim da tarde ja posso passear a vontade pela cidade… apesar de ainda nao ter descoberto nada sobre pontos turisticos… 🙂

Meu programa ontem e o programa que quero fazer hoje aqui eh:

Terca feira, 28

  • 09.00 FSF Europe – Free Software – Free Society (Sandklef)
  • 09.30 The Creative Commons Project (Klang)
  • 10.00 Licensing panel (Sandklef, Klang)
  • 11.00 2 + 3 = ? — A hands-on approach to slow migration (von Weitershausen)
  • 11.30 Five in action (Faassen)
  • 12.00 SchoolBell — calendaring in Zope 3 (Agejevas)
  • 14.00 Plone4Artists (Aune)
  • 14.30 Z3 ECM Panel (Everitt)
  • 16.00 Plone used for semantic web in the construction industry (Rees)
  • 16.30 Storage Resource Broker (SRB), Large scientific data and Python
  • 17.00 Python in Brazilian Universities (Senra)
  • 18.00 Keynote in Runan in the Student Union building (Stevn Pemberton)
  • 19.00 Conference dinner at the Elite Park Hotel

Quarta feira, 29

  • 09.00 iKaaro Case Study: Traveluni (Khine, Belmar-Letelier)
  • 09.30 The Python revolution in the publishing industry (Masini)
  • 10.00 Pimp my site! (Voogt)
  • 11.00 Web Application Testing with Selenium (Roeder, Roeder)
  • 11.30 WYSIWYG interface design with CPSSkins and CPSPortlets (Orliaguet, Anguenot)
  • 12.00 Zope 3 Common Criteria Certification (Souza-Leite)
  • 14.00 Zope and Zope Foundation (Page)
  • 15.00 Zope Lightning talks
  • 17.30 End of Conference

E fiquem com algumas fotinhos a mais daqui…

Na frente do predio da Arquitetura…

No restaurante Universitario…

Keynote de Steven Pemberton na terca feira

O grande Jantar no Elite Park Hotel…

… e a mesa dos Italianos! eheheheh…

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